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Carcass ‎– Flesh Ripping Torment & Symphonies Of Sickness -BLACK FP

  • Tracklista:
    Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment Demo 1986
    A1 Genital Grinder (Intro) 0:50
    A2 Regurgitation Of Giblets 1:16
    A3 Festerday 0:19
    A4 Limb From Limb 1:05
    A5 Rotten To The Gore 2:54
    A6 Excreted Alive 0:55
    A7 Malignated Defecation 1:59
    A8 Fermenting Innards 2:33
    A9 Necro-Cannibal Bloodfeast 1:49
    A10 Psychopatologist 1:29
    A11 Die In Pain 0:11
    A12 Pungent Excruciation 3:04
    A13 Face Meltaaargh 1:16
    Symphonies Of Sickness Demo
    B1 Reek Of Putrefaction 4:09
    B2 Slash Dementia 3:20
    B3 Embryonic Necropsy & Devourment 5:11
    B4 Cadaveric Incubator Of Endo-Parasites 3:22
    B5 Ruptured In Purulence 4:08
    B6 Crepitating Bowel Erosion 5:28

Allegedly limited to 600 copies, black vinyl.

The music appears to be sourced from mp3s, with gaps between all songs when they should play through seamlessly.