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Coroner ‎– The Unknown – Rare And Unreleased – IT FP 2LP

  • Tracklista:
    A1 Oriental Vortex 0:50
    A2 Der Mussolini (Remixed Version) 3:59
    A3 Octopus 1:52
    A4 Old Man Bickford
    Featuring – William S. Burroughs
    A5 S.W.A.T 2:15
    A6 Theme For Silence (Original Version) 1:31
    A7 Grin (No Religion Remix / Instr. Version) 8:15
    B1 Twenty Eight 2:58
    B2 Time Vortex Back To 88 2:21
    B3 Spectators Of Sin
    Featuring – Tom G. Warrior
    B4 The Invincible
    Featuring – Tom G. Warrior
    B5 Host (Instrumental) 2:42
    C1 Benways World 3:24
    C2 Golden Cashmere Sleeper Pt 1 6:27
    C3 Divine Step (Conspectu Mortis) 6:24
    C4 Status: Still Thinking 5:02
    D1 Metamorphosis 8:47
    D2 Internal Conflicts 5:57
    D3 Grin (Nails Hurt) 6:00

The first official release after 17 years, limited to 500 hand-numbered copies Double LP in gatefold cover. This compilation was never officially released in any format, only a couple of tapes were sold during the Farewell tour back in the 1996.

Side A+B: Instrumental Music and Sound-Scratches from the Soundtrack of a never released Homevideo.
Side C+D: Recorded Live at the Coroner Funeral, 23.9.1995, at Atelier Stern Brut, Zurich, Switzerland.

Issued by Night Of The Vinyl Dead Rec., under exclusive license by Coroner.