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Discharge ‎– Society’s Victims, Volume 1 – YK FP, 2LP,GF – NEW

  • Tracklista:
    A1 Realities Of War 1:09
    A2 They Declare It 1:11
    A3 But After The Gig 1:15
    A4 Society’s Victims 1:14
    A5 Fight Back 1:16
    A6 War’s No Fairytale 1:16
    A7 Always Restrictions 1:18
    A8 You Take Part In Creating The System 1:16
    A9 Religion Instigates 1:37
    A10 Decontrol 2:34
    A11 It’s No T.V. Sketch 1:33
    A12 Tomorrow Belongs To Us 1:32
    A13 Visions Of War 1:38
    A14 Does This System Work? 1:15
    B1 A Look At Tomorrow 1:55
    B2 Why? 1:09
    B3 Maimed And Slaughtered 1:06
    B4 Mania For Conquest 1:14
    B5 Ain’t No Feeble Bastard 1:29
    B6 Is This To Be? 1:30
    B7 Massacre Of Innocence (Air Attack) 1:22
    B8 Never Again 2:23
    B9 Death Dealers 1:44
    B10 Two Monstrous Nuclear Stockpiles 1:09
    B11 State Violence, State Control 2:44
    B12 Doomsday 2:39
    C1 Warning 2:49
    C2 Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way 2:06
    C3 In Defence Of Our Future 2:07
    C4 The Price Of Silence 2:20
    C5 The More I See 2:03
    C6 Ignorance 2:35
    C7 Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing 1:30
    C8 The Nightmare Continues 1:49
    C9 The Final Blood Bath 1:39
    D1 Protest And Survive 2:13
    D2 I Won’t Subscribe 1:36
    D3 Drunk With Power 2:44
    D4 Meanwhile 1:27
    D5 A Hell On Earth 1:51
    D6 Cries Of Help 2:01
    D7 The Possibility Of Life’s Destruction 2:20
    D8 The Blood Runs Red 1:33
    D9 Free Speech For The Dumb 2:15

Discharge ‎– Society’s Victims, Volume 1
Let Them Eat Vinyl ‎– LETV520LP
2 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation