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Faith No More – Pay To Hell – Live 90, 2LP, VERY RARE!!!

  • Tracklista:
    A1 Intro
    A2 Out Of Nowere
    A3 Falling To Pieces
    A4 Introduce Youreself
    A5 The Real Thing
    A6 Underwater Love
    B1 As The Worm Turns
    B2 The Crab Song
    B3 Edge Of The World
    B4 Unidentified
    B5 Voge (Madonna)
    B6 Medley Rap
    C1 We Care A Lot
    C2 Sweet Dreams
    C3 Suprise Youre Dead
    C4 Epic
    C5 Woodpecker From Mars
    C6 Easy Sunday Morning
    D1 War Pigs (Black Sabbath)
    D2 Underwater Love
    D3 From Out Of Nowhere
    D4 We Care A Lot
    D5 Arabian Disco (Orig Demo)
    Bardzo dobry
    Bardzo dobry

Faith No More – Pay To Hell
Label: TraciLord Records – F 915
2 x Vinyl, LP, Unofficial Release
Country: Germany

Recorded At – Roskilde Festival
Bass – Billy Gould
Drums – Mike Bordin
Guitar – Jim Martin
Keyboards – Roddy Bottum
Vocals – Chuck Mosley (tracks: D5), Mike Patton
Bootlegged from shows at the Roskilde Festival, Denmark, June 30th (A1 to D1) and in London, Great Britain, April 28th (D2 to D4) in 1990, plus a demo version of „Arabian Disco” (D5) with Chuck Mosley on vocals instead of Mike Patton. It was probably released in the autumn of the same year or in the winter 90-91.

For covered songs the original artist names are within parenthesis ().

The intro (A1) consists of excerpts from a movie soundtrack.
B5 & B6 are the same track.

Correct titles are:
A2: Out Of Nowhere
A4: Introduce Yourself
B4: The Morning After
B5: Chinese Arithmetic
B6: Chinese Arithmetic
C2: Sweet Dreams (Nestlé commercial)
C3: Surprise! You’re Dead!
C6: Easy (Commodores)

Different lyrics:
A5 contains lyrics from „911 Is A Joke” by Public Enemy.
B5 contains lyrics from „Vogue” by Madonna.
C1 contains lyrics from „The Right Stuff” by the New Kids On The Block.
C4 contains lyrics from „Let Love Rule” by Lenny Kravitz.
D4 contains lyrics from „The Right Stuff” by the New Kids On The Block.

Sleeve notes:
Recorded live at the Roskilde Festival 1990.

This is a complete show with the fuckingbest band in the world
Thanx to. „Faith No More” forthe show Mr. Ratt for recording it
Special thanx to. All true fans for buying this great record

Traci Lord Productions, Berlin, made in Germany