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Wehrmacht ‎– The Complete Beer-Soaked Collection 1985-1989 – BOX

  • Tracklista:
    A1 Shark Attack
    A2 Blow You Away
    A3 S.O.P.
    A4 Jabberjaw
    A5 B.O.S. (Barrage Of Skankers)
    A6 United Shoebrothers
    A7 Concrete Meat
    B1 Puke / Part II (Night Of Samhain)
    B2 Go Home
    B3 Anti
    B4 Napalm Shower
    B5 Crazy Ways People Die
    B6 Fretboard Gymnastic
    B7 Termination
    C1 You Broke My Heart (So I Broke Your Face)
    C2 Gore Flix
    C3 The Beer Is Here / Drink Beer Be Free
    C4 The Wehrmacht
    C5 Everb
    C5½ E…!
    C5¾ Micro-E!
    C6 Munchies
    C7 Night Of Pain (Part I)
    D1 Balance Of Opinion
    D2 Suck My Dick
    D3 Drink Jack
    D4 Radical Dissection
    D5 Beermacht
    D6 Outro
    Live At Pine St. Theatre (Portland, OR.) 1986 + 1989
    E1 The Wehrmacht
    E2 Concrete Meat
    E3 Gore Flicks
    E4 B.O.S. (Barrage Of Skankers)
    E5 Suck My Dick
    E6 Speedaholic
    E7 Termination
    E8 E!
    E9 Beermacht
    F1 Shark Attack
    F2 Night Of Pain
    F3 Balance Of Opinion
    F4 Napalm Shower
    F5 Drink Jack
    F6 Radical Neck Dissection
    F7 Shark Attack
    F8 Munchies
    Demos/Reh. 1985/1986
    G1 Intro / Shark Attack
    G2 Blow You Away
    G3 Night Of Pain
    G4 E!
    G5 Sudden Death
    G6 The Wehrmacht
    Thrash Metal Demo/Reh 1985
    H1 Terminated Interlude
    H2 Termination
    H3 Napalm Shower
    H4 Judement Day
    H5 Possessed Puppy (Intro) / B.O.S.
    H6 Speedaholic
    Beermacht Demo 1986
    I1 The Wehrmacht
    I2 Suck My Dick
    I3 Night Of Pain
    I4 E!
    I5 Gore Flicks
    I6 Termination
    I7 Beermacht
    Rehearsal 7/23/1986
    I8 Shark Attack
    I9 B.O.S. (Barragge Of Skankers)
    J1 Anti
    J2 Blow You Away
    J3 Concrete Meat
    J4 Napalm Shower
    J5 S.O.P.
    J6 Part II
    J7 Jabberjaw
    J8 Speedaholic
    Live 1987 / 1989
    Out-Takes From Live At „Pine St. Theatre” (Portland, Oregon) Oct. 2nd 1989
    CD1-1 The Wehrmacht
    CD1-2 Anti
    CD1-3 You Broke My Heart (So I Broke Your Face)
    CD1-4 Suck My Dick
    CD1-5 B.O.S. (Barragge Of Skankers)
    CD1-6 E!
    CD1-7 Beermacht
    Live At „Pine St. Theatre” Dec. 18th 1987 (With Poison Idea)
    CD1-9 Concrete Meat
    CD1-9 Drink Jack
    CD1-10 E!
    CD1-11 Jabberjaw
    CD1-12 Drink Beer Be Free
    CD1-13 Night Of Pain
    CD1-14 You Broke My Heart (So I Broke Your Face)
    CD1-15 Suck My Dick
    Live In Kirkland, WA Feb 14th 1987
    CD1-16 United Shoebrothers
    CD1-17 Gore Flix
    CD1-18 S.O.P.
    CD1-19 Jabberjaw
    CD1-20 Concrete Meat
    CD1-21 Beermacht
    CD1-22 Day Tripper
    CD1-23 Termination
    CD1-24 Slow Death
    Written-By – The Accüsed
    CD1-25 Suck My Dick
    CD1-26 Shark Attack
    Live At Russian River Theatre, Guarneville, CA March 22nd 1987
    CD1-27 Blow You Away
    CD1-28 Anti
    CD1-29 United Shoebrothers
    Out Takes And Rarities 1985/1986
    Out Takes Of Demo/Reh. 1985
    CD2-1 Suck My Dick
    CD2-2 B.O.S. (Instrumental Version)
    CD2-3 E!
    CD2-4 Sick Sex
    CD2-5 Black Magic
    Written-By – Slayer
    Split Tape With NYC Mayhem (Rehearsal 09/02/1986)
    CD2-6 Speedaholic
    CD2-7 Beermacht
    CD2-8 Night Of Pain
    CD2-9 E!
    CD2-10 Go Home
    CD2-1 B.O.S.
    CD2-12 Crazy Ways People Die
    CD2-13 Termination
    CD2-14 Suck My Dick
    Out Takes Of Beermacht Demo 1986 (Alternate Mix For Compilation Tape)
    CD2-15 The Wehrmacht
    CD2-16 Suck My Dick

Regular black vinyl LPs edition limited to 300 copies. Comes housed in a thick UV coated cardboard box with a 36-page booklet.

Wehrmacht ‎– The Complete Beer-Soaked Collection 1985-1989
F.O.A.D. Records ‎– F.O.A.D. 70
Box Set, Limited Edition
Vinyl, LP, Album, Remastered
Vinyl, LP, Album, Remastered
Vinyl, LP, Remastered
Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Remastered
Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Remastered
CD, Compilation, Remastered
CD, Compilation, Remastered