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S.O.D. – Crab Society North – BOX Edition, RED Vinyl, VERY RARE!!!!

  • Tracklista:
    A1 Jim Gordon
    A2 Your Kungfu Stinks
    A3 Arrgh!
    A4 You In,,,
    A5 House Of My Head
    A6 Momo
    A7 Bogunsbomp
    A8 Steve Wright Rules
    A9 Hammer Before Knife
    A10 You Bastard
    A11 I’Ve Been In A Cave For…
    A12 Mano’s
    A13 Lou Kamada’s
    A14 The Leopard Killer
    A15 The Bat Lived
    A16 By The Way
    A17 Dan
    A18 Let Me Say One Thing
    A19 This Doesn’t Leave The Room
    A20 Not To Talk About Anthrax But…
    A21 Shit’s Suck
    A22 I’m Incredible
    A23 Diamond And Rust
    A24 Hey John
    A25 Laughing, Happy, Happy, Joy As Glad, Decapitation
    A26 Don’t Do Anything Foolish
    A27 We Are The Sock
    A28 MDC Hang Out In Gay Bars
    A29 E-Brake
    A30 Listen Lady
    A31 Leisuresuit
    A32 Papa Benjamin
    A33 1
    A34 2
    A35 2 & 1
    A36 DFP
    A37 IHO
    A38 BDFP
    A39 Taint
    A40 Vitality
    A41 Tom Brown
    A42 Loud Bell
    A43 Bubble Butt
    A44 Danny Spitz Will Fuck Anything
    A45 Jogging With Fall
    A46 Tony Two
    A47 The Camel Boy
    A48 July 1st
    A49 Flouride And The Captivity Creeps
    A50 The Poisonous Midget
    A51 Boln
    A52 Lardas Hogan
    A53 Emow
    A54 DSL
    A55 Mely Cow
    A56 Bushwackateas
    A57 Cowfucking Renee
    A58 Rooster Fucker
    A59 Neck To Neck
    A60 The Drunk Guy
    A61 Happy Tooth Paste Bag
    A62 (!)
    A63 Food-Dog-Golf!!!
    Crab Society „A Noise For Noise’s Sake” Demo 1985
    B1 Untitled
    B2 Untitled
    B3 Untitled
    B4 Untitled
    B5 Untitled
    B6 Untitled
    B7 Untitled
    B8 Untitled
    B9 Untitled
    B10 Untitled
    B11 Untitled
    B12 Untitled
    B13 Untitled
    B14 Untitled
    B15 Untitled
    B16 Untitled
    B17 Untitled
    B18 Untitled
    B19 Untitled
    B20 Untitled
    B21 Untitled
    B22 Untitled
    B23 Untitled
    B24 Untitled
    B25 Untitled
    B26 Untitled
    B27 Untitled
    B28 Untitled
    B29 Untitled
    B30 Untitled
    B31 Untitled
    B32 Untitled
    B33 Untitled
    B34 Untitled
    B35 Untitled
    B36 Untitled
    B37 Untitled
    B38 Untitled
    B39 Untitled
    B40 Untitled
    B41 Untitled
    B42 Untitled
    B43 Untitled
    B44 Untitled
    B45 Untitled
    B46 Untitled
    B47 Untitled
    B48 Untitled
    B49 Untitled
    B50 Untitled
    B51 Untitled
    S.O.D. Stoormtroopers Of Death Reharsal 1985
    C1 Momo
    C2 Speak English Or Die
    C3 United Forces
    C4 Ram It Up
    C5 Milk
    C6 Fist Banging Mania
    C7 Milano Mosh
    D1 Vitality (X2)
    D2 Diamonds And Rust
    D3 Chromatic Death
    D4 The Ballad Of Jimi Hendrix
    D5 Freddy Krueger
    D6 Not!
    D7 No Turning Back
    D8 Fuck The Middle East
    D9 Kill Yourself

    The Diseased
    D10 Hear Nothig, See Nothing, Say Nothing
    Written-By – Discharge

S.O.D.* – Crab Society North
Label: F.O.A.D. Records – F.O.A.D. 025
Vinyl, LP, Album, Picture Disc
Vinyl, 10″, Red
Box Set, Limited Edition
Country: Italy
Released: 2012

Distributed By –
Recorded At – Pyramid Sound Recording Studios
Mastered At – Toxic Basement Studio
Artwork – Andrei Bouzikov
Bass – Dan Lilker* (tracks: A1 to A63)
Drums – Charlie Benante (tracks: A1 to A63)
Featuring – Craig Setari (tracks: B1 to B52), Dan Lilker* (tracks: B1 to B52)
Guitar – Scott Ian (tracks: A1 to A63)
Vocals – Billy Milano (tracks: A1 to A63)
Ultra limited edition hard boxset (only 150 copies) including: Picture LP in gatefold sleeve with 2 sided poster, an extra 10″ in dark red vinyl wrapped in a tiny shirt and a small S.O.D. patch, all housed in a boxset with full coloured print.